South Africa v England Cricket Test: The Lad Stats

The second Test is over, and England managed to survive with a drawn match against South Africa. For those who don't find the game that interesting, we've added beer and strippers into our post Test report, which we're calling'The Lad Stats.'

Following the epic double century from Ben Stokes, the tourists started to fall apart in the cloudy conditions, offering an advantage to the home side bowlers. England achieved 629 runs in the 1st innings, which equates to 7.86 miles of running. That's the length of 156,238 pints of beer, equalling a whopping 359,347 units of alcohol!

So how much will England cricketers get for this Test? Turns out it's a lot: ?£12,000 to be exact, plus ?£700,000 retainer. We nearly fell off our chairs looking at this figure! Crunching the numbers, we've found that ?£712,000 is enough to pay for:

  • 5933 strippers
  • 4746 stag weekends
  • 178,000 Doner Kebabs for the way home

We've compiled all these crazy numbers into an infographic, which you can share anywhere!

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Date Posted: Thursday 7th January 2016

Author: Jason England

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