Socially Distanced Stag Weekend

Socially Distanced Stag Weekend ideas 

We are now living in a very different time that no one ever expected or planned for, that is now changing so many of our plans and ideas, but there are still ways we can stick to the rules and regulations and make plans with our mates. Stag parties at this time may not be how we expected but you can still meet and take part in some outdoor activities in smaller groups, so why not have lots of smaller stag dos and get lots of different activities ticked off the bucket list.

Below are some ideas on stag party activities that you can still take part in at this very different time, you can still have fun with the lads and celebrate. Now more than ever do we need a little fun and time with a few of our mates to celebrate the good times ahead. Those times will come but, in the meantime, we don’t have cancel everything, we can still make the most of our time and get out having fun with the lads. 

It’s a Knockout, Totally Wiped Out and Total Knockout

These amazing inflatable games are so much fun, and don’t worry about the weather as you are going to get wet anyway. Bring out all the laughs as you see the lads dressed in giant suits, watch them try to climb over the big red balls, and see if they can beat the sweeper arm. These games will have all the boys competing to see who can win and which teams they can beat to take the winners medals.

Multi activity 

Who doesn’t want some time playing on quad bikes, power turns and rage buggies, add in some archery and axe throwing and you have a day made for the boys playing with toys? Find out which one of the lads is the speed demon, which one can control all the vehicles, and which one can hit the bullseye with every shot. These days work in any weather and some say they are even better when it’s raining, as then not only can you feel the speed, but you also get covered in mud!


Bringing together 2 beautiful sports to create a new one is always a winner. It also means that anyone can have a go at this sport as who knows who could have the skill to win. With different putts and holes around the course who has the kicking skills for them all, have it, four! Why not bring in a bit of fancy dress as well to give it the real stag party feel, will you go with the golf look or how about old school football players? This is a great activity for a range of guys no matter what their age. 

Life Drawing 

While lots of events with ladies involved are off the list for now, we still have one that allows you to look at a naked lady, for art of course! Yes lads this one will get passed even the strictest of girlfriends, and don’t worry you don’t have to be able to draw as the lovely teacher will show you how to get all the right angles to recreate the masterpiece in front of you on paper. You could even show the missus your skills when you get home, gives you a good reason to get her in her birthday suit! This will have all the lads wide eyed and fully concentrating on the naked model, perfect stag weekend activity sorted!

So, what are you waiting for, don’t keep putting those stag dos off let’s get some parties in. Just give us a call and we will sort everything for you, making sure it is safe and within restrictions, rules and guidelines.  


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Date Posted: Thursday 1st October 2020

Author: Jenna Halford

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