Six Nations Rugby 2016: The Lad Stats & Fixtures

Six Nations is here chaps! We've missed our dose of rugby action over the last three months. You need to keep the conversation lively on a stag do, and sports banter always hits the spot. To help with this, we've crunched all the Six Nations Rugby tournament data and calculated some lad stats.

With every team's total height in excess of 60 metres, and weight over 3 tonnes, we had to put these mind-blowing numbers into perspective. Which team weighs the same as 7069 Fray Bentos pies? What squad is as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa (and probably more sturdy too)? Find out with our infographic below!

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Round 1:

1. France v Italy: February 6 at 15:25

2. Scotland v England: February 6 at 16:50

3. Ireland v Wales: February 7 at 15:00

Round 2:

1. France v Ireland: February 13 at 14:25

2. Wales v Scotland: February 14 at 16:50

3. Italy v England: February 14 at 14:00

Round 3:

1. Wales v France: February 26 at 20:05

2. Italy v Scotland: February 27 at 14:25

3. England v Ireland: February 27 at 16:50

Round 4:

1. Ireland v Italy: March 12 at 13:30

2. England v Wales: March 12 at 16:00

3. Scotland v France: March 13 at 15:00

Round 5:

1. Wales v Italy: March 19 at 14:30

2. Ireland v Scotland: March 19 at 17:00

3. France v England: March 19 at 20:00

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Date Posted: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Author: Jason England

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