Seven Stag Stories Of 2016

With the year nearly up, the done thing is to look back and reflect on the 12 months previous.

As you can imagine, we're always interested to hear about stories from stag weekends. So, with that in mind, we thought that we would have a look back on some of our favourites from 2016 and share them with you!


We begin our stag stories with one of the most recent. 2016 has been a stellar year for Andy Murray; winning Wimbledon, winning Olympic gold, becoming world number one and being named Sports Personality of the Year.

But even the best sportsmen and women need some down time! Murray's father, Willie, hosted his stag do in Sandbank and even took time out to pose for photos with fans. What a gent!

Under the sea hen and stag do

Well, this is perhaps the weirdest stag story we came across this year. Sara Underwood and Andy York of Norfolk decided to host a joint stag and hen do which was sea-themed fancy dress!

Apparently the fianc? in question had always dreamed of being an octopus and this made her dream come true before the pair's big day!

Puppy rescue

Underneath our laddish bravado, we do have a heart here at Stag Weekends and this was a story that tugged at the heartstrings.

Mitchel Craddock from Michigan was in the woods of Tennessee for a classic stag party, until the next morning they had a stray dog visit them. They soon realised that the dog had malnourished puppies nearby so the guys took them in and have since taken them home to ensure the family wasn't split up!

Irish busker

It's rare that a stag weekend takes place without a group of lads singing some of their favourite tunes, but it's unusual for them to have an audience.

Marty Healy was on his stag weekend in Budapest when he and his friend Michael Kelly commandeered a guitar from local buskers and performed songs on the street. Class!

Stag corpse

It's often said that when one of the lads gets married, that's the end of his life. Well, one stag party took that quite literally and dressed the groom up as a corpse!

Chris Wright and his mates became the centre of attention in Manchester on their stag weekend as he was wheeled round in an open-coffin for their daytime pub crawl. Brilliant!


Look, we've all spent more money than we intended to on a stag weekend, but one man took it to another level. Gil David blew ?7,500 at Spearmint Rhino on strippers at the club's Bournemouth branch back in 2013!

This year, David was able to win a settlement after claiming that the strippers took advantage of him. We just had to include this story, though!


One of the hardest things to nail on a stag weekend – if you're doing it – is the stag do prank! Well, this group of lads absolutely bossed it!

Lifelong Manchester United fan, Paul Gorrie, was stitched up by his mates as Mansfield Town took on Notts County and was made the matchday mascot. The 30-year-old came out with the players and was knocking the ball about at the start of the game with the other mascots. Hilarious!

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Date Posted: Friday 23rd December 2016

Author: George Crewe

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