Science Shows Lads' Nights Out are Good for Your Health

Scientists have tried to ruin alcohol and red meat for us before, but now they seem to be on our side. A study by the University of Gottingen in Germany shows that a lads' night out is actually good for your health!

According to the research, men experience less anxiety when in all-male groups compared to spending time with a partner or family. Stress-related illnesses are more common in females and couples, so be warned chaps!

Scientists observed Barbary Macaques'a type of monkey renowned for their human-like behaviour'and noticed the males were much less stressed when in their pack. It also showed that the guys looked after each other better than their family or partners.

Something to rejoice over, especially if you're planning a stag do! If you get flak from the Mrs, just remember science said you can get hammered with the guys.

You could sort out one night out, or go all in with two nights. Maybe you're a beer fanatic, looking for a Bavarian Blowout. Or maybe add an element of hilarity in the form of a Beer Bike! Whatever you go for, a night out with the lads is good for you.

Thank you, science!

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Date Posted: Tuesday 16th February 2016

Author: Jason England

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