Top 5 Nasty Pranks to Frame in The Groom on His Stag Do!!

Well, it is obvious that whenever you plan a stag do there are a few mandatory things that have to be there to actually give it the name of a stag do. These things being booze, strippers and a big prank for the groom-to-be!! Yes, being stags it is your duty to make fun of your stag and humiliate him publicly!

owever, these pranks need some preparation, planning. Hiding them from the groom is crucial. If all goes well, you and your stag group will have a hearty laugh and an incident to look back and enjoy, for a very long time!

So keeping this in mind here are a few ideas that, if appropriately executed, will become the best stag do pranks of all times!!

Zero Ft. Bungee Jump - A classic among all the pranks, this will ensure you the most fun. Tell the groom that you are taking him for bungee jump from an extreme height. Blindfold him. Now the catch here is that you take the groom nearby a pool, make him stand on the edge and ask him to jump. He will soon realise that this is not what he expected at all!!

The Anti Stripper - Yes it is obvious that you will be hiring sleek hot steamy strippers for your stag do, but if you really want to prank the groom then you can begin by hiring an anti-stripper who will just be the total opposite. Laugh your hearts out as the groom will be surprised when he finds out that the stripper riding all over him isn't quite what he expected!!

The Kidnapping - Something that is bound to stay in your memories, this prank is one of the most famous and also the most notorious out of them all. Arrange for a van, get your best men dressed as robbers & criminals with fake guns and make sure that you frighten the groom while taking him by surprise. Once kidnapped, you can take him to his stag party club!!

The Ladyboy - Another classic created by a mischievous mind, this prank involves taking your buddy to a strip club. Now he would expect some hot and sexy strippers will enter the stage and woo you all with their feminine seduction. But, soon enough your groom's face will turn south as he will realise that this stripper is not a lady but a ladyboy instead!!

The Legless - The mightiest prank, this one is especially hard to pull off, but if successful, you will create a lifetime memory. The aim is to get the groom really drunk in the night so that he passes out (and also doesn't remember anything that happened the last night!). Now while he is in his deep sleep, plaster his leg as if he actually broke his bone! When he wakes up, create a story of how he fell while he was drunk and broke his bone. The look of sheer horror on his face will be the reward of your hard work!!

The most important thing is that you must always keep a camera in your hand, while recording every single moment, to be laughed upon later as well!!

*Please note we take no responsibility for any damage caused if you choose to do a prank. Please drink responsibly.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 20th March 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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