How to keep the Stag Do tame and not disappoint your dad

Your dad was lairy once in his life, but he's settled down now and would probably look upon you in horror if he saw how much alcohol you consumed on a stag do!

In the past, it would have seemed insane to have pops on your stag weekend. Not anymore. As the practice of including the old man in your weekend of madness becomes more widely accepted, we thought it was time to get a survival guide together. Want to make sure he's not mad at you, or even just disappointed? Read on.

First thing's first, the stag do doesn't even have to involve copious amounts of alcohol, or strippers whose wiggling assets will leave a vivid image in your brain for the rest of your life. We do a lot more than that. From track days to food challenges and anything you could think of in between, there are plenty of parent-friendly options on the menu! So the question is, does Dad want to do stuff he will most certainly not tell your mum about'or would he rather drive a tank?

If the alcohol does get flowing later on, always remember to match your dad on drinking flow. The drunker he gets, the less disappointed he'll be (or the less likely he'll remember when he sobers up). Just be careful though. Too many Jagerbombs, and he'll be telling intimate details of your childhood to your mates!

Just because you've got Dad on the do, doesn't mean you have to limit yourself. Why not have two parties: a light one with the parent, and a wild one without? We can arrange both, maybe a game of Bubble Football with Dad and a lad's night involving boobs and beers at a later date.

So what are we saying here? There are pros and cons to having your dad on your stag do: what you want depends on you and your pops. So yes, it's more than possible to have a wicked party that will not bring shame on you and your family - but if you want to go wild, we can always help you out with a second one that's just for the youngsters. Hush hush, of course, and strictly on the QT!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 11th November 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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