How to Fake Liking a Bad Christmas Present

We've all had a time when we got crap presents from the ones we love. You asked the Mrs for FIFA, but she bought Pro Evo instead. However, you can't hurt her feelings and tell her it's naff! We're here to help with some scientifically proven ways to fake a good response, and lie your way through this situation.

Maintain eye contact

A liar is easy to spot by the way they can't keep their eyes locked on you for longer than a few seconds. Fight that urge and keep your gaze glued to the present giver!

Keep your'thank you' short

Another tell-tale sign you're lying is when you babble on when questioned. If you've rehearsed a'thank you' equivalent to a drawn-out Oscar speech, go back to the drawing board and keep it simple.'Thank you. It's lovely' is all you need!

Practice a genuine smile

You don't want to look like you're grinning for that terrible family portrait. Scientists have actually done research into this, concluding the Duchenne smile is the most believable.

Don't get cocky

So you're on the home straight. The fake'thank you' and smile were accepted. Don't muck things up by getting too confident immediately afterwards. Science shows people close to you can detect a change in style, even if you thought it was just a celebration in your mind! Keep your cool.


Don't fidget or shuffle about. Fidgeting and shuffling are key ways to spot a liar, so don't do them if you want to be convincing! Just imagine what you are saying is truth, and keep calm.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 16th December 2015

Author: Jason England

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