Funny Things To Do On Your Stag Do

A stag weekend has got to be fun and wild filled. Everything is fair game at a stag do and with the groom to-be. Drinks and ladies are not enough for an epic stag do, what you need are some funny pranks and ideas to execute at your friend's stag do.

We've got a list of funny and doable pranks for your friend's stag do, check them out!

1.Can't Talk Wedding

Aren't you and the boys sick of hearing the groom talk about the wedding, his wife-to-be and other wedding related stuff? Well, kill and ban the wedding words for the night. Ban all wedding related words like wedding, fiance, wife, ceremony, ring etc. for the stag night. Whoever says any of the words from the list of banned wedding words, has to chug his entire drink.

2. The Begging Groom

Take away everything from the groom's pockets, his wallet, phone, car keys etc. and just leave him with a hat and put in some pennies to get him started on his begging adventure. Decide on an amount that the groom needs to beg and earn. Only after he's earned the fixed amount, do you let him know the pub where he can find his stag gang. Till then, beg..beg..beg

3. UV Paint Prank

Quite a popular and common one, but that's because it's so much fun. Grab some UV paint and paint the groom's shirt or t-shirt, which he's going to wear to the stag do, with some embarrassing drawings or messages. This UV paint will glow in the dark at the pub or nightclub you guys go to and the groom won't even notice it for a long time, by when the entire nightclub will have had a good laugh.

4. Embarrassing One-Liners

Make a list of one-liners which you all have used in the past and are a definite yes to embarrassing the groom. Make the groom try all the one liners from the list prepared by the boys on random girls. Upon each failure the groom has to chug a drink and tell his wife about it. The fear of the latter will make him try his best and make you boys laugh the hardest.

5. The American Groom

This is a good one lads. Dare your friend to pretend that he's American and charm the ladies by ending each sentence with the word ‘dude and use the word ‘awesome' at least four times in a sentence. This one is definitely going to make you laugh.

6. Vegas Married

This is a big one lads and needs to be carried out somewhere in a place like Vegas where drunk marriages are a trend. The groom is going to get hammered at his stag do. Once he's passed out drunk, place a fake ring on his finger, get a fake marriage certificate and leave some lingerie around to make it look like he got married on his stag night! Let him wake up to this the next morning while you boys enjoy the panic on his face!

7. Call The Wife

In the middle of the groom having his drinks and enjoying his stag do, surprise him with a visit from his wife-to-be. Get the bride-to-be in on this and ask her to pretend as if she's really mad and is going to call off the wedding. Have her keep up the act till the groom is on his knees apologising. End the act with a shot with the bride and then escort her out.


Pranks can go really wrong sometimes so be careful and don't try anything dangerous. We want you to have a good and fun time. Fun and harmless pranks are a great way to add some laughter to a stag do. So get planning and embarrass the groom to turn him red like a beetroot!

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Date Posted: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Author: Barry O'Neil

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