Keep it Classy: Celebrate your Stag Do like Real Gentlemen

Well of course when you think of a stag party you visualise a scene where you, your stag and your other lads drink till you drop...and ensure that every ounce of the booze is finished! This thing sure is fun. However, if you are one of those men who prefer partying like the men (not the boys), then classic is the word for you!

So keeping that mind here are a few classy activities for your stag do that will make sure that your stags party it out in class, just like the men do!

The Thermal Baths - If you think that there is nothing that can do wonders to cure your hangover, then think again. The thermal bath is specifically designed to give you those sensory pleasures. If you wish to drive off the tension that your stag has acquired over the months, due to wedding planning, then this activity is a must do for him. Most importantly this thermal bath will let you experience what real class is! This activity comes with a pool of facilities such as steam rooms and saunas and even a beer for each stag!!

The Royal Shave - Want to take it a notch further? Continue your classy experience by allowing yourself to get a shave from a professional gentlemen's barber. This is a fantastic and masculine way to get the stag and other lads ready for the big day. Recline in your chairs together and enjoy a good, old-school authentic shave with cut-throat razors, foam and cologne, that will make you feel no less than royalty. A lot of barbers also serve beer or whisky to go with the shave!!

The Limo Ride - Well if there is a stag party it is bound to make you get out of your house. Be it a club, a casino, a resort, a hotel or even an airport; one thing is for sure that you will need a ride. Now you can tune things down by hiring a cab or taking your own car, OR you can tune things up by booking yourself a completely bespoke, lean, classy and shiny limousine, to pick you up! This stretched vehicle is the perfect thing for you and your lads to arrive in style and make a statement. A range of drinks onboard the limo acts as an added bonus.

Wine Tasting - Probably the most classic activity for everyone out there, wine tasting is an experience that offers you a lot more than just savouring the world-class wines. For the groom who seeks a stag party in a sophisticated way, the wine tasting experience becomes a must do. Allow the connoisseur to take you to a different place by making you taste a variety of wines along with a cheese and cracker plate!

Well surely you can go to a club and party it all night, but that's something you can do anytime. However these activities will allow you to celebrate the end of your stag life with class, making every moment of it embedded in your memory!!

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Date Posted: Friday 6th April 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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