Best Pub Crawls in the UK

Who doesn't love getting on the beers from time to time? Add to that the opportunity to explore all that a city has to offer in the world of perfectly poured pints, and you're onto a winning pub crawl. We've scoured the country and done our fair share of'hard work' drinking to list the best routes for you.

LONDON'0.6 mile'5 bars'Our first alcoholic gauntlet is thrown down in London's West End. Kick off the night at Revolution Soho with a cheeky couple of shots, then move on to Bar Soho to continue the evening's drinking. Next up is Rumba round the corner, and then it's down to Ruby Blue. End up in Zoo Bar to round off an epic night.

NOTTINGHAM'1.5 miles'9 bars The second bar crawl comes courtesy of Nottingham and we won't lie, there's a fair bit of walking in this one. However, stick with us and you'll be set for a legendary night out! What better way to start than at the one remaining Hooters in the UK? After this, you're off on a hike towards Wax Bar, BrewDog and Revolution on Broad Street. Next, it's the Boilermaker and drinks at one of the strangest bars ever (modelled to look like an actual boiler shop, you enter through a secret door in the staff toilet). And we're not finished yet. Hit Das Kino in the Lace Market area for a game of ping pong, followed by Filthy's and Pitcher & Piano. Last but not least, you've got an evening of messy times in Volt, Nottingham's newest club.

EDINBURGH'2.3 miles'5 bars'Another long walk that's worth it! Start at Joseph Pearce's, followed by the Regent Bar on Montrose Terrace. After this, you're going past the Scottish Parliament Building towards Holyrood Palace. Continue along to The Last Drop and finish off at Blue Blazer.

BRIGHTON'1 mile'6 bars'Fancy a pub crawl by the seaside? In Brighton, you can start in town at the Shakespeare's Head, go down Dyke Road by Fogg's, and, well, just keep going. Hit the Earth & Stars, The Mash Tun and The Post & Telegraph. This crawl ends at The Black Lion, though you could always jump into the sea if you really wanted a dip after all those beers! NOTE: don't swim drunk. Please. It's all fun and games until someone loses a best man.

BIRMINGHAM'2 miles'8 bars'Brummy land is well known for its easy routes and access to alcohol. Our pub crawl is no exception! Start at Bacchus Bar and nip up to The Wellington. Go around the block to the Old Joint Stock, and then go all the way past the cathedral towards The Old Royal. Finally (safely) cross Great Charles Street Queensway towards your final destination, The Tunnel Club.

MANCHESTER'0.4 miles'9 bars'Short distance + large amount of bars = a legendary bar crawl! Got to give it to Harry Bongos and his stag do for showing us this legendary route, starting at the tried and tested Squares. After a beer here, move onto The Slug and Lettuce, then past the City Council to Beluga. Now you're on a non-stop street of bars! Go down to Bar 38, then BrewDog, moving onto Chicago Rock and Revolucion de Cuba. Finally, you're rocking up at The Milton Club!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 16th December 2015

Author: Jason England

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