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Recent times have seen a rise in popularity for Google search terms “alcohol free” and “non alcoholic”, with the former seeing an increase of 1,941 monthly searches between January 2016 and January 2022.

This rise in popularity not only relates to the drinks industry but in the stag and hen do industry too. Our data from 2021 proves this, with almost half (36.7%) of our booked stag and hen weekends including at least one non-alcoholic activity.

Working alongside One Year No Beer, their founder and CEO, Ruari Fairbairns, spoke to us about alcohol-free stag and hen weekends. 

Why opt for an alcohol-free stag/hen do?

“There’s a stigma that your hen or stag needs to end up being legless, but by skipping the hangovers, people have found the sober version to be far from boring and, in fact, more special”, explains Ruari.

“Adventurous activities focus on bringing friends together that haven’t been acquainted either in a long time, or ever, and mean that you’re doing something everyone will always remember”.

What are the benefits of going alcohol-free?

“Firstly, a sober version will keep costs down for your friends. You'll save a lot if you remove the trips to the bar and the endless wines and beers you buy at the hotel beforehand. You can then put this money towards a more luxurious accommodation and destination”, says Ruari.

“If the hen/stag isn’t a fan of drinking a lot, a sober version will eliminate any uncomfortable pranks or them becoming peer pressured into an uncomfortable situation. However, you’d be surprised how many still might be up for wearing a mankini without the need of Dutch courage!”

“You will also wake up each morning feeling proud that you didn’t drink and can all achieve much more in your days ahead”.

How to have an alcohol-free stag/hen do:

The experts at stag and hen weekends have shared their tips for having an alcohol-free party.

Book exciting, alternative activities for your group to participate in instead of heading to the club or bar. For example, try out an assault course, a shooting range or even a sporting activity. These activities are perfect if your party wants to let off steam without having to endure a hangover the next morning!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more chilled out, book a day at the spa or treat yourself to a fine dining experience. These are great alternatives for those who don’t like a wild and adventurous stag or hen party and will help calm any nerves before the big day.

Make sure that everyone in your group is on the same page when it comes to drinking alcohol. If half of you are drinking and half aren’t, there’ll be a general inconsistency regarding your behaviour and the activities you all want to do and can do. This is likely to disrupt your group and could end some parties prematurely. Make it clear that you’re collectively not participating in any drinking activities well before the party starts.

Plan your event as thoroughly as possible. This way, you’re making sure you can cram in as many fun activities as possible, and it ensures party go-ers that a sober hen or stag do does not equal ‘boring’.

If some want to drink and some don’t – opt for a venue with a good selection of alcohol-free/low alcohol drinks. Whether it’s mocktails or beer, one of the best things about the increase in sober nights out and alcohol-free activities is the rise in suitable beverages. From big brands such as Guinness to local breweries, many of the best beers are now available without alcohol. 

Tick something off your bucket list! Always wanted to skydive? Go ahead! Swim with sharks? Grab your scuba gear! Many of the most adrenaline-filled and memorable stag or hen experiences forbid alcohol consumption, so going sober is the perfect opportunity to include something extraordinary into your trip. 

By going alcohol-free, you can also explore at your own pace and give yourself plenty of freedom. Whether white water rafting, renting out quad bikes or exploring on jet skis, you’ll gain a real sense of adventure that no bevvy can match – especially if your hen do or stag do is abroad. 

Why would couples opt for an alcohol-free wedding in general?

Ruari Fairbairns says:

“With the actual wedding, removing alcohol can again cut costs and reduce any sign of brawls or family disagreements. Also, you can save money on taxis and drive yourself home at the end!”

“It’s vital to remember when attending any wedding: If the bride and groom ask people to refrain from drinking, it is important to accept this and not argue. It is a mistake to associate sobriety with being boring.”


Here at Stag Weekends and Hen Weekends, we offer an extensive choice of book-able activities for stag and hen parties to participate in, including many different alcohol-free options from escape rooms to spa days.

Contact us today on 01773 766 006, or start building your own event on our websites.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 15th June 2022

Author: Julian

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