A Stag Weekend For The Trigger-Happy Stag!

If you have a mate who's wedding is around the corner, and you have been chosen the best man, maybe you can make their dream of shooting a few bullets come true. While the gun laws in The UK are very different luckily, there are a number of European destinations that offer adrenaline pumping shooting activities for tourists and stag groups alike.

Immensely popular in Eastern Europe, shooting ranges are loved by stag groups. If your best mate also has an undying love for guns, try incorporating the following activities in your stag adventure and take your stag party up a notch.

Rifle Shooting

Tired of the old clay shooting routine? This is the perfect activity for you. Choose from a range of real rifles and get shooting. The activity is available at a number of destinations, but we strongly recommend going for it if you happen to be in Dublin, Hamburg, or Amsterdam.

The activity is designed for complete beginners, and anyone can try, even the stags that have never seen a real life rifle before. Once you have been introduced to how the rifle works and all the basic rifle safety protocols, you are ready to put your newfound skills to work. Take aim, and fire away!

Dirty Harry Shoot ‘Em Up

Got a thing for the classics? Why not try your hand at the powerful .44 Magnum. A true icon among gun lovers, .44 Magnum is a gun that is super-rare on the European continent. This activity gets you and the guys an all-exclusive access to the gun range, a certified instructor, along with (of course) the gun, ammunition, and the safety equipment.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the gun, and have understood all the safety nuances, it is time to get competitive! Step up and obliterate the target sheet with bullet holes while the guys watch in amazement, it cannot get better than that.

Kalashnikov Shooting

If the above mentioned activities got you excited, this one is going to truly give you goosebumps. Try your hand at the legendary Kalashnikov, or as it is more popularly known, the AK-47.

Get ready to lock and load and get trained by experts before you try your hands on the most popular assault weapon on the planet. If you are a group of stags that is sick of clay pigeon shooting and paintballing, this activity is truly going to make your stag party one to be remembered.


Stag parties nowadays are much more than getting sloshed with the guys at the pub down the road. If you understand that, and are planning an abroad stag getaway with for the big lad, shooting things up may be the perfect day time activity.

Take your stag party to the next level with these, and many more shooting activities that Stag Weekends offers. Which one did you like the best?

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Date Posted: Thursday 10th May 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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