A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Delivering a Terrific Groom's Speech

If you are the groom, you have to deliver a speech. There is no way around it. If you are clueless about where to begin, you are at the right place. While preparing and giving a speech might seem like a daunting task, delivering a groom's speech is actually a pretty straightforward task.

While the best man speech is all about picking on the groom and making the audience laugh, the groom's speech is all about thanking everyone that made the wedding possible, and praising your new wife. If you are confused about the structure, follow this guide to ensure your speech is exactly on point.

Thanking the guests

Traditionally, the first person to deliver a speech is the bride's father. The speech involves welcoming all guests to the wedding, and a few anecdotes about the bride, and ends with welcoming the groom into the family.

If this is the case, your speech should begin by thanking the bride's parents and the rest of her family. In fact, it is best to thank everyone that might have contributed to making the wedding possible. Don't forget to include the bridesmaids, your own family, and of course, your best man. If you have brought any presents for anyone, this would be the ideal time to hand them out.

Involving the mothers

This is an absolute necessity. Make sure you mention and thank your mother and the mother of the bride individually. If possible, include a small, heartwarming story that will make them, and the crowd emotional.

Talking about your partner

This is the most important part of the speech. Utilise this section to illustrate openly how amazing your new partner is and how much you are in love with them. Make sure you give this section some real thought, and include happy stories from your relationship.

Finish with some humour

According to tradition, the next person to give the speech is going to be the best man. Before you hand the mike over to them, make a little joke about them to lighten up the mood. If you are confused about what kind of humour would suit the occasion, you can check out some examples right here.


The final advice is to keep it short. There is going to be a number of people giving speeches, and you don't want your guests to get bored. If you do it right, you will be able to fit all of the above in a short 10 minutes speech that will take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster.

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Date Posted: Monday 19th February 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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