8 Reactions We All Went Through Watching England V Switzerland

San Marino were easy: Switzerland were going to be the real test. Would the three lions be rampant after 90 minutes, or would we be looking at yet another qualifying round where the lads had it all to do in the final game? Millions of TVs tuned in across the land. Beer was consumed. Opportunities were missed. And then history was made. Here's how it went down?¦

We sat down, cracked open the first brew, and waited for something to happen.

And we waited.

Then, we waited some more.

By this point, a game of Bubble Football was looking more interesting. Yawn.

Some of us fell asleep.

Some dropped off at the bar.

Others gave in to frustration as their pre-match bets failed to materialise. No, Rooney wasn't going to make it a big 50 in the first 50 minutes?¦

And then this happened. 58 minutes in, Hodgson brings on big Harry Kane. 63 minutes, he slots Rooney in behind the new striker. 67 minutes'bang!

1-0 Harry Kane Goal England v. Switzerland 08... by enteritament

It's fair to say reactions were positive.

All we needed now was a landmark goal for a landmark player. Love him or hate him, you can't argue with Rooney's scoring record now!

So there it was. England triumphant. Beer spilled in every pub in the country. And Captain Wayne celebrated into the night. As the man himself pointed out, he's now our top scorer before the age of 30. We've got a record-breaking striker, and go through to France with eight wins from eight games. What more could you want?

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Date Posted: Wednesday 9th September 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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