7 Unique Must Try Activities To Get The Most Adrenaline Rush Out Of Your Stag Do

When it comes to stag party, we all know that for most of the bachelors, the whole party revolves around strippers, lap dances and liquor, but don't you think that's too mainstream and monotonous? Why not give yourself a different reason to get an adrenaline rush? Here are 10 must try stag party activities which you can't get enough of, ever!

1. Paragliding or Parasailing

For the utmost flying high experience, try paragliding and if you are a water baby, why not try parasailing? If you always had a knack for breathtaking views, then paragliding and parasailing are highly recommended for you!

2. Assault Course

Think you have what it takes to survive military training? Then, assault course is perfect activity for you and your boys. If you think this will be all fun, your perspective will change from the moment you get started. Best part of this activity? There will be a winner at the end of the training, so gear up and show the boys who's the boss here.

3. Caving

For an adventure like never before, try caving on your bachelor trip. Why caving, you might ask? It has just the kick you need to get your heart pumping, mind boggling and adrenaline rushing like never before. Caving is like a once in a lifetime opportunity so don't waste this chance for anything monotonous. Don't forget the gear and the instructor!

4. Coasteering

If you and your gang are into watersports, this is the one thing you must try. Coasteering allows you to swim under cliffs and discover pools and caves, and even if it sounds scary, it's super fun. The one way to survive this trip is to be attentive to your guide and follow his lead throughout.

5. Skydiving

Can you imagine the rush going all over your body when you jump from a plane into free space? My god! Doesn't this sound like the perfect stag party activity? Since stag do traditions include being unique and epic, skydiving is the activity for you! See the most of locations with a bird's eye view and be mesmerized for life.

6. Climbing and Abseiling

For those made of steel, climbing and abseiling is the perfect stag activity for you. Aside from good instructors and great gear, it takes strength, determination and will power to climb a rock like a pro. You can opt for indoor climbing or rock climbing and irrespective of what you choose, it will be one hell of an experience.

7. Snow Rafting

Let go of water rafting and stick your eyes on snow rafting. Snow rafting has all the thrill you need to declare your bachelor party a great one. You will all be stuffed in one big raft and let loose to enjoy the ride and scream like a little girl.

Excited much? Get your planning on and choose one or more options (the more, the merrier) to organize the perfect bachelor getaway for the groom-to-be and the gang.

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Date Posted: Friday 29th June 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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