5 Things to Eat When You are Hungover

So you've been clobbered by the mother of all hangovers! What's the cure? One of these five meals should send it packing.

1. Egg and Soldiers

For those who are feeling especially rough after one too many Jagerbombs! Eggs take the top spot here, because they are a treasure trove of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Boil an egg and slice some toast. That hangover will be history. If that doesn't get you eggcited, we don't know what will!

2. A Bowl of Cereal

Unfortunately, a hangover doesn't go away when you eat a sh*t ton of food. That large Meateor from Domino's might look damn tasty, but it's an overload that will make you feel worse. Nip to the kitchen and grab a bowl of Frosties. Your body will thank you for the long energy boost, and high levels of revitalising vitamin B.

3. Dim Sum

Feeling brave enough to leave the house? Go find the nearest dim sum. Your mind may tell you this is an odd choice for hangover food, but trust me you've got to shut those voices up! Nothing beats a great selection of mini Chinese food for the variety of essential nutrients on a plate.

4. Full English

A predictable choice, but a firm favourite when it comes to hangover cures. The mix of food will provide all the essential nutrients you need, piled high on a mighty tasty plate of food. Avoid having orange juice with it though. Sour citrus will irritate an already sensitive stomach!

5. Roast Dinner

A braver option, but a beautiful one for those up to the challenge. This is for the lads who forgot to buy a kebab on the way home. The blend of carbs and protein make for a scientifically sound fix to that sore head.

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Date Posted: Monday 21st December 2015

Author: Jason England

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