5 Epic Leftover Christmas Food Meals

Turkey sandwiches get boring after a while. Search for meals using Christmas dinner leftovers, and you're shown a list of green salads. If you believe the immortal words of Homer Simpson,'you don't make friends with salad,' consider these five epic leftover Christmas Food ideas.

1. Crispy Turkey Skin Burrito

Let's start with something weird and wonderful! Remove the skin from your turkey and carve some dark meat. Next, grab the mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and the meat. Then wrap it all together in the turkey skin. Thanks to Tetelestia on Reddit for the amazing idea!

2. Turkey Jalfrezi The Christmas Curry

Curry has become a great British institution. Bring it to the table over Christmas with a turkey jalfrezi! You could use a jar of sauce if you're feeling lazy, or grab the ingredients and create something better from scratch. Check out britishturkey.co.uk for a simple recipe.

3. Jumbo Turkey Samosas

Continuing our taste trip of India, the turkey samosa is a great way to reinvent the Christmas dinner leftover meal. All it takes is leftover cooked potatoes and turkey, stuffed into pastry parcels with a good amount of curry paste for spice. Don't forget the mango chutney! Check the full step-by-step guide on BBC good food.

4. Christmas Leftover Pie

Britain loves a good pie. Grab the pastry, throw in the leftover stuffing, turkey, chipolatas and cranberry sauce, and then bang it in the oven. Paul Hollywood made the best leftover pie we could find (yes, that guy from Bake Off the Mrs probably has a weird crush on).

5. Turkey Double Down Burger

KFCs in America sell a burger called the 'Double Down,' which is a chicken and bacon burger that uses two chicken breasts as the bun. A turkey version using bacon, leftover stuffing and cheese ticks all the right boxes for us! The Metro wrote about this magical food invention by Tom Cenci at London's Duck and Waffle.

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Date Posted: Monday 21st December 2015

Author: Jason England

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