5 Cities That Offer A Nightlife Fit For Kings

Pulling an all nighter, while getting drunk out of your senses is an unspoken tradition of any self-respecting stag party. While The UK itself offers a number of great nightlife spots, we are talking about something more than a regular Saturday night extravaganza.

We're talking about beer bikes, superclubs, celebrity DJs, neverending bar crawls, and a crowd that truly loves partying their nights away. A stag party is probably the most memorable party the big lad will attend, it is an institution, a tradition that absolutely calls for pulling all stops.

If you're thinking on similar lines, and want your stag party to be nothing short of epic, head to one of the following cities, and its guaranteed that you won't be coming back disappointed.

Beach Bar Crawl in Salou

It's summertime, and the party does not stop in Salou. This Spanish city truly knows how to have a good time, with bars and nightclubs dotting the city. However, if you have had enough of the old-school pub crawls through a city, Salou offers something truly unique- a beach bar crawl.

Why wait till sundown to get sloshed? The beaches in Salou are lined with numerous clubs and bars, offering some great spots to enjoy an afternoon drink (or five) with the boys. Get your shorts and flip-flops out, put on your shades and bring your party face to the beach, because the party WILL go on till the wee hours of the morning.

Beer Bike in Amsterdam

A beer bike is possibly the best invention after a bike. A true modification that displays the might of human innovation and engineering, the beer bike brings the party to the road!

Beer bikes were possibly invented keeping stag groups in mind. The best part is, you won't have to do much of the actual work as the beer bike has power assisted pedalling and a driver. Simply sit back and enjoy the best way to tour the city of Amsterdam. The activity runs until 9pm, and can be done during the afternoon, or during the evening, when the party crowd takes to the streets.

Barcelona Party Bus

While party buses are now available in a number of cities across Europe, the Barcelona party bus offers a unique charm. The hour long alcohol fuelled frenzy through the city is great when it comes to getting acquainted with the city before getting hammered on a legendary pub crawl.

Have your driver pick you and the lads up from the hotel. Board the bus, and begin your journey with a complimentary drink, before the bus takes you to the hottest party spots in the city. Satisfy the culture vulture inside you by witnessing the spires of Sagrada Familia, before joining the fun loving party goers at Las Ramblas for a night of epic alcohol fuelled madness!

Bar Crawl Babes in London

This one is for those groups that want to keep the whole affair local. London is World famous for an epic night out, as the city is lined with classic pubs, quaint bars, and nightclubs with floor-thumping music.

Take the party to the next level with a pub crawl in the British capital. However, this isn't your regular pub crawl. Your stag group will be taken to the best watering holes the city has on offer, guided by hot girls in hostess costumes! Does it get any better than this? Yes, it does. Finish the crawl with an all-exclusive visit to a steamy stripclub, a truly epic ending to an epic all-nighter.


It is time to take the party to the next level. After all, it is the last night of singledom for the big lad. When you take the party to one of the cities mentioned above, chances are that the stag, and all the other lads will be thanking you for years to come for a stag party well done.

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Date Posted: Friday 11th May 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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