4 Unique Stag Do Ideas for Those Who Don't Follow the Herd!

If the groom-to-be is one of those few, who are always looking to try out new stuff, then you being the best man have a task, way more difficult than others. You have to find something that is equally interesting but also has an element of uniqueness to it.

Now you might be thinking that this is a pretty tricky task, but with us, there is no need to be worried. Just read on as we have put out some of the best, but unique stag do activities for you!!

Break the monotony and party like no other!

Live Action Escape Room - Want to feel the real thrill of being stuck in an old eerie building that is completely locked down, leaving no exit? Then this activity is just perfect for you. Although you must keep in mind that this thrilling and exhilarating activity is not for the faint-hearted. The idea here is to work as a group to solve puzzles, crack cryptic clues and find clues. But beware because you won't be alone in there. A zombie locked in there with you will try to scare the life out of you!! This activity will turn your party into a terrifying one (which is something that rarely happens on stag nights!).

Fire Breathing Workshop - Yes you read it right! Just ask yourself, when was the last time you heard someone saying that they were breathing fire on their stag do! This is something you have seen a lot but never got a chance to do, well here it is. We will provide you with a professional who will very carefully teach you how to do this. If you can succeed, you will have something legendary to tell!

Total Wipeout - Yes you got it right, we have a fantastic course arranged just for you, that is full of tricky but funny obstacles. Based on the famous TV Series theme this activity will undoubtedly offer you the best entertainment ever. If you wish to make it even more exciting, you can bring in the hen brigade for this particular activity. Make two teams and compete together, to find out who is better, the stag or the hens!

P.S. - Guys do everything but do not let the girls win!!

The Hot Air Balloon Ride - Wish to give this last fling with your mate's bachelorhood, the perfect goodbye? Keep it unique and classy by arranging for a hot air balloon ride. This beautiful experience is the best way to end the bachelor weekend. Just make sure to keep this as a surprise until the end for the groom-to-be. With the champagne on board and some of the finest sights of nature unfolding below your balloon's basket, even the most stressed-out groom-to-be, will soon forget his worries and get submerged into the final moments of his stag do.

So with these unique activities included in your stag weekend, you being the best man, can leave all the work on us and take all the credit! After all you, have worked hard making this stag do the perfect one for your best mate.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 20th March 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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