York Powerturns

One for the petrol heads! Powerturns are off road buggies that have minds of their own. These crazy vehicles will spin you out. In a good way. If you're looking for unique driving activities for York stag weekends, this will be a winner. Pair up with a mate and see if you can master the knack of controlling one between you. Crack it and you'll be able to pull all sorts of stunts like wheelies and donuts. Proper big kid stuff. When you've had a practice, hit the skills course in pairs and see who can do it in the fastest time.

The setting is awesome: an adventure park in North Yorkshire, with woodland and sweeping fields. Forget what you think you know about driving! Pick powerturns as your York stag do activity and throw the driving rule book out the window. Powerturns don't drive like normal cars or even off road vehicles like Rage buggies. When you get in, you'll see there's no steering wheel, which is weird enough on its own. Then you'll notice there aren't any pedals either! There are twin engines in the back instead of at the front, and you control the whole thing using two levers. Powerturns also have two independent drive wheels, which means you'll be all over the place until you get the hang of it. Expect total driving carnage!

One of our favourite off road driving activities for York stag weekends, Powerturns are loads of fun, pretty trippy, great for banter and brilliant for bonding. You've got to get on the same wavelength as your driving buddy if you want to have a prayer of controlling your buggy.

In a nutshell:

  • Pair up and drive powerturns
  • Off road buggies with 2 levers twin engines
  • Instruction provided
  • Skills course timed challenge
  • All necessary equipment supplied
  • Adventure site on a North Yorkshire country estate
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Packages That Include This Activity

York Stag Do Ideas - Powerturns
Crazy Drivers
Whats Included...
  • Powerturns
  • Assault Course
  • Stein Bier Keller
  • Two Nights Accommodation
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