Poznan Quad Biking

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Looking for cool stuff to do on a Poznan stag weekend? Quad biking is just the job. It's off-road driving at its best. Fast, furious, muddy and totally mental, quad biking can't be topped when it comes to blowing off steam. Get involved!

If you want a bit of action and adventure on a Poznan stag weekend, quad biking will come up trumps. Come with us to a top notch activity centre and go head-to-head against your mates on an obstacle course. You know the drill, folks! Under the limbo, up the see-saw, round sharp bends and over the humps and bumps.

When you've nailed that, open up the throttle and really let rip with a free-style session.

Poznan stag weekend quad biking includes:

  • Obstacle course session
  • 30-minute freestyle session
  • Professional instruction
  • English-speaking guide
  • Return transfers

*Ask us about including a bonfire with sausages and beer

*Cross-country quad biking is also available, just ask!

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