Poznan Paintballing

Who can take a hit?

A Poznan stag weekend without paintballing would be a pretty poor show! What other activity allows you to run around the woods stalking and shooting your mates with little pellets of paint? Precisely. Poznan paintballing reaches new heights of brilliance. We're talking more balls and three different missions guaranteed to kick-start the survival spirit.

Paintballing is just the job for a Poznan stag weekend. It'll keep the boys out of the bars for a few hours and you get to be Rambo for a few hours. What's not to like?

Capture that flag!

Clear heads and sweat off hangovers with the grand daddy of stag activities. Make yourselves to the conveniently located paintball centre, where an instructor will be waiting to meet your stag group. You can then get kitted up in all of the usual gear and talked through all of the games you will play and the all-important safety procedures.

We'll warn you; the package includes 100 balls, so if you're a bit trigger happy you may have to stock up with some more. No fannying around or showing weakness. This is WAR!

In a nutshell:

  • Poznan paintballing
  • 100 balls
  • Safety equipment
  • Instructor

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Poznan.

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