Nottingham Sumo Challenge

Hakkyoi! Sumo wrestling is one of Japan's most ancient and venerable arts. Good job there won't be any real rikishi (students of wrestling) present, because you lot are going to trash it.

A fantastic stag party activity, the Sumo Challenge involves everything that's great about the last weekend of freedom. You get to dress up in stupid suits, humiliate the living heck out of the stag and generally arse around. What more could you want?

The basic aim of the Sumo Challenge is to get into a huge vinyl sumo costume, complete with padding and handy mawashi (sumo belt), and chuck your opponent from the ring. You're only allowed to grapple once, and you can't break apart until one of you has either been forcibly ejected from the fighting space or made to touch the floor with a body part other than his foot.

We host your Sumo Challenge in a location convenient for central Nottingham.

Start your stag party Sumo Challenge with a round of ceremonial wedgies, and make sure you give your opponent the old eyeball before you step up to the mark! The key to sumo is to psych out your enemy before you come into the clinch. If he already thinks he's beaten, you're much more likely to win.

Take a break from the bars and clubs of Nottingham's Lace Market, and do something truly silly with your afternoon. Hai!

In a nutshell:

  • Padded sumo suits
  • Mock wrestling bouts
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