Nottingham Bungee Run

Ready...set....GO on your stag weekend in Nottingham!

Want something to put a bit of pep in your stag party's step? Need an activity that'll beat back any hangovers and make those wedding worries a thing of the past? Run for the finish line with your fellow stags in hot pursuit. Slap the baton down on the velcro and ping back to the starting line at a million miles per hour. Chaps, if you want to inject some hilarious fun into your final fling before the ring, the Nottingham Bungee Run will do your stag party proud! Think school sports day from when you were a kid but for grownups! We're talking an inflatable race track, lads; and it's EPIC!

Come on, lads. You could spend your entire single life send off in the bars and clubs off Market Square, but why not do something the guys will be talking about for years to come. Get the troops rounded up and head just outside the city for a legendary activity that'll bond the boys in record time.

Boom... Nottingham stag do smashed!

It's simple and the payoff is massive. Strap your intrepid racers to the bungee cord and send them off down the inflatable track with a sticky baton in their hand. As the cord stretches taut and the runners slow down, they'll only have a spit second to slap the marker down on the Velcro strip at the edge of the track. After that, the power of the bungee cord will take over and they'll go flying back towards where the came from.

This event is brilliant for blowing off steam on your stag do. It's also a great to combine with driving activities, such as Powerturns, Micro Quads and Quad Biking. We offer all of them at the activity centre you'll be at for your bungee run experience, so you might as well, right? You'll be laughing all the way back to the city, especially if you get photos of the lads straining to get the batons a couple of inches further than the competition. Two people go head-to-head at the same time, and you can use the results to set up some forfeits later on in the evening. Not that we would encourage silly drinking games or anything...

In a nutshell:

  • Nottingham Bungee Run
  • Just outside the city centre
  • Go head-to-head with your mates
  • Safety equipment, briefing & instruction included
  • Combine with driving activities
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Packages That Include This Activity

Nottingham Stag Party Packages - Ultimate Stag Experience
Ultimate Stag Experience
Whats Included...
  • Bungee Run
  • Micro Quads
  • Powerturns
  • Indian Meal
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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