Munich Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

Munich might not be anywhere near the sea, but as one of the gateway cities to the Tyrolean mountains and Italian lakes, she's got plenty of water at her disposal! Blast away last night's bierhaus headache with a go on two of the most exhilarating things you can do in a wetsuit: wakeboarding and water skiing!

Wakeboarding is like a cross between water skiing and surfing. Strap the board to your feet, grab hold of the harness and try to leap over the wave as you carve through the water. It's trickier than skiing, so it's a good ides to have a go on the skis to get warmed up. Once you're confident, you can move onto the board.

Perfect for a stag party that wants to get out and do something adventurous in the fresh air, your wakeboarding and water skiing afternoon happens at a lake very close to Munich city centre. In true cosmopolitan fashion, this place is all set up for the city sports enthusiast, with high tech equipment and plenty of space to chill between sessions.

Charge around the water on a state of the art cable line, which pulls you along on your skis or board. One of the great things about this arrangement is its predictability. If you fall off (and you will!) you just get up and wait for the harness to come back!

If chaps in the stag party don't want to commit to the water, they can hang out with Bavarian beauties on the man made beach. Perfect.

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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Munich.

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