Liverpool Steak Night

Sometimes, nothing will do but prime juicy steak. It's your best mate's stag do! Why settle for anything less?

We've found a brilliant restaurant right in the heart of Liverpool, which serves up a wicked 8oz rump steak cooked just the way you like it. Order with classic peppercorn sauce, or a spiky Krupnik vodka glaze!

All the traditional sides are here, including massive bowls of fries with fluffy insides and crispy outsides. You also get grilled tomatoes bursting with flavour, and plenty of fresh rocket salad. What's not to love about that?

No man worth his salt can attack a steak dinner without a beer to wash it down. We've got you a round of Peronis, or a glass of wine if you prefer, to complement the incredible flavour of your meal.

Catch up on the latest banter, chow down on the finest grills in Liverpool, and plan your assault on the city. A steak dinner is the perfect way to fuel the chaps up for a night on the town, and with everything paid for in advance you don't even have to worry about the bill.

That's right, fellers. We sort everything before you get to Liverpool - the table reservations, meal orders and bill - so no-one has to faff around with a calculator trying to work out who had what. The price is simple added to the total cost of the stag weekend. Genius!

In a nutshell:

  • Pre booked table
  • Steak dinner
  • 1 free drink for each stag
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