Liverpool Mersey Games

Can't decide which classic Liverpool activity to do on your stag weekend? You don't have to! This sidesplitting team game takes everything that's brilliant about the city, and puts it into a Magical Mystery Tour full of fun and wild shenanigans...

Think It's a Knockout with a hilarious Mersey twist, and you're there! The Mersey Games is a series of awesome challenges themed on the Beatles, Anfield, the Grand National - you name it, if it's famous in Liverpool it's in!

Place your bets for the Grand National, stag weekend style! Can you outrun and outwit your opponents on your very own inflatable steed? Or how about the legendary Mathew Street Challenge? We've adapted a bungee run to represent Liverpool's most infamous pub crawl. Strap in, grab a cup and leg it for the finish line. The winner is the team who places the most cups as far away from the start as possible!

From a Merseyside Derby to a hysterical Scouse trainer toss, you'll be rolling about laughing as you reenact the greatest moments in Liverpool's history. Run, duel and tug your way to victory and you'll be crowned kings of the Kop. You'll never walk alone...

In a nutshell:

  • 2.5-3 hours
  • Morning and afternoon slots
  • Hot female team guide
  • Stag fancy dress available
  • Food and drink option, including vegetarian choice

Packages That Include This Activity:

Liverpool Stag Do Ideas - Mersey Games
Mersyside Madness

From £207.00 Per Person