Liverpool DTV Shredder

We've discovered an epic activity forLiverpool stag parties - DTV shredder. Best described as the love child of atank and a Segway - brilliant! Learn how to tame one with instructors, and thengo off for a spin on off road trails with plenty of technical challenges tosmash. These babies are the best thing to come out of Liverpool since the FabFour. Come get some.

Swap the docks, pubs and bars of Liverpoolfor the trails of an outdoor activities site a short drive from the city. Theguys will dish out the safety gear and show you to your shredders for theultimate driving challenge! Here's the really clever bit - you get smarthelmets so the guys can give you instructions as you ride.

Open the throttle and lean in the directionyou want to go. Sounds easy, but it's pretty intense and will send theadrenaline levels through the ceiling. You've really got to throw yourself intoit to keep your balance, steer, and handle all the surprises the trail willthrow at you.

If you're looking for inspired driving activitiesfor Liverpool stag parties, DTV shredder is an excellent choice. Any petrolheads in the group will be well happy and congratulate you on your superb stagparty planning skills.

In a nutshell:

  • DTV shredder activity for Liverpool stagparties
  • Think tank meets Segway with a bit ofsnowboard thrown in
  • Learn to ride a shredder
  • Put your skills to the test on a coursewith challenges
  • Instructors
  • Briefing
  • All equipment supplied
  • Smart helmets with live instructions
  • Bring old clothes - you will get dirty
  • Maximum 10, minimum 4 people
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