Lisbon Exotic Club Tour

Lisbon's got her fair share of exotic clubs: sex shops, peep shows, lap dancing and strip clubs. The question is, how are you going to find the best ones? Let our lovely local guides show you the way, and you're guaranteed to get an eyeful you will never forget!

Let's face it, chaps - a stag party is your last chance to enjoy everything the world of singledom has to offer. And that means as many naked ladies, doing as many naughty things as possible, as you can clap eyes on! With stakes this high, you don't want to come up with a dud.

We know all the best places to visit in Lisbon. You'll get outstanding treatment wherever you go, from friendly girls and professional staff. This is one of the most erotic, exotic tours in Portugal, and thanks to our pre-booking system you'll pay the best possible price.

If you leave the nudie stuff until the stag party has already kicked off, you pretty much have to take what you're given. And that means a high risk of being ripped off, or standing around awkwardly in horrible dives. Not what you want, when it's your last chance to look! Booking in advance is the only way to go. It's safe, it's guaranteed to be good, and it's the right price for what you get. Bring on the naked ladies!

In a nutshell:

  • Tour of Lisbon's most exotic erotic night spots
  • Sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs

Packages That Include This Activity:

Lisbon Stag Party Packages - Ultimate Boob Show
Exotic and Erotic

From £225.00 Per Person