Krakow Stag Party Packages

Krakow stag weekends have become firm favourites over the past couple of years. If you're looking for a city that parties hard by night and chills by day, come to Krakow.

Stag weekends are up for a right royal time of it in this ancient city. It combines traditional Polish culture with those little contemporary vices we all know and love! It's a pretty heady combination that's bound to keep the lads satisfied from dusk til dawn.

Stag weekends can be held all over Europe these days, so what makes Krakow so special? Good question. How long have you got?

Krakow stag weekends offer all the attractions and temptations a group of lads up for high jinks could possibly want, at prices that won't give anyone sleepless nights. Flights are affordable and last just 3 hours, you can eat vast quantities of excellent grub on the cheap, and the beers come at around £1 a pint.

If you want to spend less on the basics and more on the fun stuff, Krakow stag weekends are well worth a look. There are beer gardens to sup in during summer, cool basement clubs crammed with local ladies up for a good time, and plenty of outdoor pursuits to get the adrenaline levels soaring. Krakow stag weekends tick all the boxes. Book a break in this city and you're laughing.

It's no bad thing to be on the loose for a few days of partying in a city that boasts twisting spires, cobbled streets, and palaces. There's no two ways about it; Krakow stag weekends get a pretty impressive backdrop to booze against.

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Winter wedding? Still want a sendoff stuffed with outdoor activities? Krakow stag weekends get to try a couple of crackers during the colder months. Thanks to the surroundings hills and forests, snow sports are readily available just outside the capital. If you've never been on a Snow Mobile Trek, now's your chance to take a speedy trip a la James Bond. Snow Rafting is also on the hitlist for Krakow stag weekends. If you're after something different from the usual selection of stag pursuits, this is well worth a look. You'll be zipping through the forests on rafts pulled by quad bikes. It's a pretty full-on ride and you'll be well up for a warming round of beers at the end.

You may have the supping skills to drink a Rolling Stone under the table, but at some point you'll need to find somewhere to eat in Krakow. Stag weekends up for a first class dining experience should check out a Brewery Dinner, which combines great food with the best beer in the city.