Dublin Casino Night

You know what they say about a casino night, chaps. Keep a cool head and sharp reflexes. Or you could neck a bunch of Guinness and pretend to be a world famous poker player! Just don't bet the wedding fund on a dud hand...

Stick casino entry on your stag party agenda, and the odds will be looking up for the second night of your weekend! We've got tickets to Dublin's finest casino, and the cards are stacked in your favour.

There are tons of poker tables for seasoned card sharks, plus a massive array of slotties for the greenhorns. Doesn't matter whether some of your stag party have never played a hand before, there's something for everyone to do in these rooms.

Fancy something different? Have a go at craps, or spin the roulette wheel and pray to Lady Luck! You could even find yourself sitting next to a wealthy beauty at the blackjack table. Stay suave, and who knows what might happen?

If you're looking for something different for the second night of your Dublin stag party, casino entry could be the ace up your sleeve. Play the odds, keep to your tactics, or go rogue and leave everything in the hands of the dice!

Refreshments are included in your ticket price. Keep those energy levels topped up, stay on the ball and increase your chances of walking away with wads of cash.

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