Bratislava WW2 Bunker Tour

Go back in time with a tour of Bratislava's WWII bunkers. This hour-long blast from the past takes your stag party to the last line of defence between Slovakia and the Nazi forces. You'll see period vehicles, explore the complex, and even fire a machine gun. This is history come to life!

The bunker complex is one of the most popular and impressive tourist attractions in Bratislava. Your stag party will explore the same fortifications that helped Slovakian soldiers take a stand against the Germans. Visit the main command bunker and the outposts, Handle the combat gear the soldiers would have worn. And travel from fortification to fortification in a restored Army vehicle.

Inside the bunkers, your stag party will get an idea of what combat was really like for the Bratislavan soldiers. Bare walls, tiny firing windows, barbed wire fences. This living museum brings the recent history of the 20th century into sharp focus.

As you tour the bunkers, you'll see tank traps and pass a reconstruction of the former border. With the bustle of Bratislava itself hidden behind the fields and woodlands of the border region, it's possible to trick yourself into believing you really have gone back to the past, and are going to see a battalion of armoured vehicles rounding the corner at any moment.

At the end of your tour, every feller in the stag party gets a chance to go hands-on with a VZ69 machine gun. Fire 10 rounds each. History doesn't get more real than this!

In a nutshell:

  • Guide
  • Transfers
  • Bunker tour
  • Fire 10 shots from a VZ69 machine gun
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