Bratislava 5 A Side Football

Play 5-a-side football on your Bratislava stag weekend at an indoor sports hall. This is a classic stag activity that always goes down well. There's nothing like it for bringing out the competitive beast in everyone. You'll have the pitch for one hour and you can use the showers and sauna afterwards. Game on!

Whether you just have a kickabout or take it really seriously and actually keep score, there are some things that always happen in 5-a-side football. There's the guy who thinks he's Arsene Wenger because he spends every waking moment playing Football Manager. Then you've got the one who fancies himself as Lionel Messi. No one will really want to go in goal. Someone will get a ball in the face and another will go over on his ankle and make it the most dramatic injury incident ever. Standard.

Whatever happens, 5-a-side football will get the lads to bond on your Bratislava stag weekend. And if they don't unite on the pitch, they will in the pub later on. That's your next stop, because that's how it's done. 5-a-side without post-match pub analysis would be a crime against football! Bratislava is full of bars and pubs, and beer is pretty much the national drink. Microbreweries are big in Bratislava so you'll have no worries grabbing a decent beer after the game.

In a nutshell:

  • 5-a-side football in Bratislava
  • Indoor venue
  • Pitch hire for 1 hour
  • Use of showers and sauna
  • Available year round
From Only £31.00 per Person
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