Extreme Dodgems Activity for Stag Weekends

Extreme Dodgems

Take a bunch of big toys toys and smash 'em into each other! Dodgem racing is pretty much perfect for stag parties up for extreme driving action. We're talking real saloon stockcars with 1300ccs of raw power. Jump behind the wheel, rev your engines and speed round a tough track in this edge-of-your-seat racing event. Think race marshals, lap times and plenty of crash and epic slam moments.

On arrival at the track, you'll be greeted by instructors and race marshals, who will dish out the driving safety gear and get you up to speed on the rules - such as they are! Warm up with a couple of laps before busting out your finest driving skills for the main dodgem racing event.

Charge round the track, spraying dirt and taking possession of corners. It's every stag for himself as you battle it out to get the fastest lap time and dodge the pits and other drivers.

If the groom likes his driving events on the fast and dirty side, dodgem racing is his ideal stag do activity. Get behind the wheel and unleash armageddon!

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